Story about the dog park in the news this week

nice story about the dog park in the news this week...

Tips for Enjoying the dog park

  1. Recognize that your dog may not get along with ALL other dogs, and that some combinations simply don't work.
  2. Educate yourself on dog body language and canine communication so you can recognize the difference between safe play and aggressive play. 
  3. Safe play is a “give and take” between dogs - not one dog continully pushing, jumping on or mouthing the other dog If your dog is doing this to another dog, go get him, or call him to you and get him under control.

Fido and Fireworks – Five Tips for Surviving the Fourth


Worthington Organized Off-Leash Friends (W.O.O.F.) encourages all pet owners to take precautions for their animals over the Fourth of July holidays.

Fireworks can turn Fourth of July into a miserable night for dogs.

Unlike humans, dogs do not like fireworks. A dog’s hearing is 10 times more sensitive than a human’s, so fireworks can cause many dogs to experience great fear, anxiety and confusion during fireworks displays. 

Summer Safety Tips for your Dog


Summer is in full swing with parades, outdoor festivals, concerts, fireworks and markets.

If you’re planning to take Fido along, Worthington Organized Off-leash Friends (WOOF) has gathered these tips to keep your pet safe and comfortable:

About W.O.O.F.


Worthington Organized Off-leash Friends (WOOF) is a 501c3 non-profit organization based in Worthington, Ohio. The organization began as an outgrowth of Sustainable Worthington when, in August 2008, a discussion during a Sustainable Worthington meeting led to a decision to explore the possibility of developing a dog park in Worthington.  In March 2009, WOOF was officially formed when 35 interested residents attended the first meeting.  In January 2010, based on a presentation from WOOF, Worthington City Council passed a resolution to create a dog park in or near Worthington.