water fountains are on!


All, the dog park water fountains for both your dog and for you humans, are now fully operational again.  The water fountains are located at the west end of the parking lot, near the port-a-pottie and near the small dog entrance. 
If you choose to bring a water bowl into the fenced-in areas of the park, Parks and Rec has requested you take it home with you, when you leave. DO NOT LEAVE WATER BOWLS IN THE DOG PARK. 
Here's why:
Water bowls left in the park may not be seen during mowing. 
Plastic water bowls can be chewed up by the mower and bits and pieces littered around the park. 
Metal bowls left in the park can cause havoc with the mowers, causing costly damage to mower blades.
Water bowls left in the park can become a breeding ground for bacteria/mosquitoes.
Thank you for your cooperation.